Winter is here!

What does the first of December signify to you? For some it gives permission to start the Christmas decorations at home e.g. the tree!! Putting together present lists, planning activities etc. We all saw the manic sales of black Friday and cyber Monday.

So what does winter signify for you? It is a time when above the ground we see a dying process, but below the ground nourishment and enrichment are commencing their process to equip us with fertile soil for next spring. Its a great metaphor for life.

When do you winterise your life? How do you do that??

When do you allow the renewal process to begin?

I read recently that some business owners deliberately begin to pull back at this time whilst others are manic in their final run up to the New Year. For many of us, December is either anticipation of celebration, of fun and surprises. For others, it will be a painful reminder of loved ones now gone and the bitter sweet memories of life.

In my coaching and mentoring work, I have folk who are asking themselves the question ‘ am I in the right job/career for 2015. Today I received a mail that gave the astonishing statistic from a Gallup survey that in 142 countries only 13% of people felt they were engaged at work!!

What fulfills your life?

What excites you about work?

On December 12th, one of my daughters’ will be the feature on Ben Fogle’s channel 5 programme ‘New Lives in the Wild’. Gaynor left her London based work and has started a new life in the Arctic in northern Sweden. Do watch the programme, 9.00 pm on the 12th December. It isn’t easy, but she loves her new life.

What will 2015 hold for you?

You are the author of your life! Make it count.

Consider the decisions you have made in 2014, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Let us all with humility and courage go into this advent season reconsidering life and how we shape and respond to it’s challenges.

I wish you all a blessed time. Let faith arise and consider THE GIFT(s) that

christmas brings.

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