The 3 C’s model

Many years ago, when I was considering some New Year’s goals, I created my 3 C’s model.

My CORE Life – Family, Faith (my spiritual life), Friends, Health and Fitness, Hobbies and interests.

My CONTRIBUTION Life – Volunteering and Service.

My COMMERCIAL Life – Any activity where I trade my experience, knowledge and skills for money (or equivalent rewards). Against each element, I listed the key elements (like a wheel of life), noting what percentage of my life would be devoted to each area.

Example: My COMMERCIAL Life is now just 10% of my focus (ah, the semi retired life). So the elements are any PR or Marketing (Life Coaching Directory; DL Associates website) and response to enquiries and referrals. So I keep an eye on the number of Coaching and Mentoring clients I have.

Just recently I was asked to facilitate an NGO Board of Trustees self evaluation exercise. The UK Director asked me what my fee would be? Immediately I had to decide whether this was Commercial or Contribution. I went with Contribution, so no fee. The model works!!

Example: My CORE Life (60 % of my focus). Mmm, how much time will I give to my fitness programme? Contrast with the time I give to my Wife, Family, GOD? etc. I prioritise my road cycling programme (2-3 activities, Total 80 miles, Ave speed 16-17 mph). Example: My CONTRIBUTION Life (30 % of my focus). I have just joined the Board of Trustees of an African Education NGO working in Northern Uganda and Zambia. As I consider what role I play in this NGO, I can immediately see what my commitments are to my other volunteering and service activities and rebalance my service based on my life’s purpose, values and beliefs.

As you read this post, consider how you prioritise your life’s journey.

What percentage do you give to each element of your life? Are you happy with this? Is the balance OK?

Until next time, GOD bless you,


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