Reflections on semi-retired life

Now that I am semi retired, many activities have surfaced. Over the next few weeks, I will reflect on some of these activities.

Right now it is the end of the school year here in the UK. In 2012 my county council asked me to become the independent chair to amalgamate 3 schools. I met with governors from each school and we began to construct the new school identity and the leadership team. In September 2013 the new school opened on 3 campuses with an Executive Head and 3 Heads of campus.

This week, the first 2 years are over! It has been a very interesting time. I was asked to become the Chair of Governors of the new school. During this time the governance team have become more integrated in the leadership of the school. After 4 terms, we had an Ofsted inspection which was to identify the quality of teaching, learning, attainment, progress, behaviour and safety and the leadership and management of the school.

We were judged GOOD in every area. This led to the overall grading of GOOD as an effective school. Wow, this week as I reflect on this past year, I am conscious of the professionalism, loyalty and commitment of all the staff (teaching and non teaching). Everyone has concentrated on new systems and practices. We have happy parents and children who love coming to school. 27 languages are spoken by our children. We are a global community living in Camberley, Surrey. It is a privilege being a governor of such an industrious school where its values are lived out daily – High Aspirations; Creativity; Passion; Respect; Nurturing; Opportunity.

So my question is ‘ what fulfilling role can you reflect on today?’

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