About Us

DL Associates was founded in 1997 to provide effective resources and services that enhance business and personal performance. Now an impressive collaboration of coaches and consultants, (link to associates page) we create change and success in a wide range of industries.

Headed up by David Leeper, founder of DL Associates, our clients include some high profile and well-established blue chip companies.

For all our clients, we get to know the real and most important challenges you face. We recognise the pressures your staff are working to, the key metrics, timescales, financials and people issues. This makes our solutions very effective and by providing tools that will deliver the results you require, we go for improvements that will be sustainable. This means accelerating the development of your people and their capabilities by skilfully employing our resources, tools and techniques whilst acknowledging that you are in the driving seat.

Our work is results driven. By developing a more productive and positive business environment for you, we achieve our mission and your goals. We believe this leads to a more satisfying personal and professional life as a result.

We deliver our services using a tailor-made programme for your business consisting of regular one-to-one sessions, meetings, group sessions and/or teleconference calls, as agreed with you at the start of the project.

To ensure we give you and your business a quality service delivered in a professional and confidential manner, we follow a simple but effective process:


Identifying the challenges facing the business

Defining (Scoping)

Subsequent research on the extent of the issues and where/how we can help


Internal discussion followed by recommendations and our proposal to you

Implementing (Action)

Putting into practice the best of our services by our most qualified and suitable associates to achieve fast turnaround and results for your business


Making sure we deliver what we say we will by using evaluation tools to confirm effective, efficient and best practice interventions

At DL Associates, we follow a simple set of beliefs and convictions that underlie the very essence of our business.


We are totally dedicated to providing our clients with services that exceed their expectations


We will apply the sum of our expertise to provide this performance consistently

People and Talent

We believe people are the key asset to leveraging great performance for our clients and we will commit to accelerating the performance of your people talent


We are committed to the rigorous pursuit of consistent service standards and the continuous improvement of all our activities


We acknowledge the rich diversity of all people and organisations and treat them with integrity, respect and justice

Social Responsibility

We behave with total integrity in all our dealings and relationships, both internally and externally